Mastering by The G

The G says:

I am available to hire as a mastering engineer. I specialize in synthwave, but can do any type of music. My goal is to achieve a wide, balanced and loud, yet dynamic master–and to give your music the detailed attention it deserves. I work in-the-box, using an extensive suite of high-quality plugins, and offer a free mix consultation prior to getting started.

My rates are: $20/song (USD) for up to 5 songs, then the 6th song is free. This carries over from one project to the next, so if your EP is 5 songs long, you will get one song free on your next project with me.

To contract me, or for more information, please send an email to: nerdsfeather.theg [at] gmail [dot] com.



Echosynthetic’s John Fryer Producer of the Year Winner for 2017:

As I was sitting down to make a short-list of nominees for Producer of the Year, one name kept popping up on some of the best releases of the year. Not just quality records…no, I mean records that helped define synthwave in 2017. Take a look at (and more importantly, listen to) these albums our first John Fryer Producer of the Year Award winner, The G, had his hand in…



Vampire Step-Dad:

“Working with The G is like putting icing on a cake. He takes my hard work, and puts the final touches on it, making it the best it can be. His process makes me feel more confident about my release with every step, and the final product always leaves me smiling. I’ll continue to work with him as long as he’ll have me.”



The Masters sounded great, the loudness was competitive whilst maintaing the dynamics, and spectrally balanced across the whole Album. Throughout the whole process their was good communication and The G was prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that I was happy with the final product, recommended.



I hired The G for my early 2017 release, Guns N’ Rituals. I’ve gained many loyal fans through this particular release. I honestly could not have done this without The G’s help. His approach at analyzing the tracks from both a technical and musical approach helped make some crucial changes to the mix that I otherwise never would have noticed. Excellent price for the amount of work that was put into the album by him. I would highly recommend.