Reviews: Cosmopolis

TL80s (translated):

Cosmopolis has a remarkable balance of tension and relaxation, coolness and drama, wrapped in a sublime sound. An absolutely well-rounded, fantastic album that I strongly recommend to synthwave enthusiasts. Score: 5.0 (out of 5.0)


For those who like their synthwave with a sense of optimism, you should check out Cosmopolis, an album by The G. The producer’s work tends to fly in the same ethereal realm as “The Cops,” Timecop1983 and Futurecop! — big, celestial synths that inject a steady dose of introspection and often the feeling that everything will probably be all right.


If taking us on a neon soaked night drive through a sci-fi cityscape was the goal, Cosmopolis delivers in spades. Futuristic synthwave can be tough to pull off because you have to not only take the listener someplace else, you also have to take them to a location of your creation using only music as a medium. When an artist gets it just right, it’s nothing short of magic.


Reviews: Postcards from LA


“[‘Tropical Summer’] is an intriguing synthwave cut from the guy who runs the Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together blog. It’s a rather minimalistic, tightly wound concoction that manages to do something rare among the newer crop of synthwavers: Avoid over-genuflection at the altar of all of those venerable pioneers. The melody’s catchy and it has a nice groove to it — and if it does recall the past it reminds me of the dreaminess of FM Attack.”


“I think the best thing about Postcards From LA is that it feels exactly like you’re looking through pictures from the West Coast. The G has done an excellent job of capturing a visual and translating the image into an audible experience you get to enjoy.”

Watermelon Banzai:

“…no matter what your mind conjures up as you listen, let go and let The G take you there with their impressive work of euphonious escapism. There’s a lot of music out there that tries to emulate the sounds of yesteryear, but there’s only so many that actually make you feel like you’re there, and The G nails it.”

Neon Vice:

“Listening to Pacific Coast is a perfect reminder in all the things that producers looking to create classic 80s sounding tunes should focus on. The composition is simple and focused without mindlessly layering on new elements as other, less talented, musicians do. Perhaps without even intending to The G’s sound has a heavy Italo Disco influence.”



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