3 Releases with The G (002)

After being in a pretty gruesome mood for several weeks, musically speaking, I’m back to more upbeat stuff. Here are a few on heavy rotation, new and old:

Absinth3, Unstable

Ethan Gray, aka Absinth3, is only 17-years old. Let that sink in as you listen and realize that he’s also lightyears ahead of almost everyone in the synthwave scene. I’ve always liked his music, but I’m straight up floored by how good the songs and production are on this one. It’s dreamy, smooth and full of heart.

Kid Neon, Darker Days

The debut album from my label-mate, Kid Neon. It’s upbeat, energetic and a bit raw, which only adds to the charm. Pretty sure I’m picking up an influence from early ’90s techno and rave music, which is welcome in a scene that’s gotten awfully tropey. “Faraway Land” and “Transcending Redux” are the standout tracks in my opinion.

Boney M, Nightflight to Venus

One of the campiest, and by extension, best examples of Eurodisco. “Rasputin” and “Daddy Cool” were in heavy rotation at this Bulgarian tavern in Lower Manhattan I used to frequent back in the early ’00s. So naturally they are amazing.

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