Where to Buy/Listen to my Music

I’ve released 2 albums and 1 compilation EP on Timeslave Recordings. The most recent of these is Concrete Island (2018), the soundtrack to an imaginary film from 1983 set in the present day. It’s dark and moody. Currently available on limited edition vinyl, cassette and (unlimited) digital.

Prior to that, I released Cosmopolis (2017) – a dreamier, more nostalgic synthwave album. The vinyl and cassette runs sold out, but you can still get digital copies.

My earlier stuff is available via my personal Bandcamp. I don’t really use it much anymore, but do plan to do the occasional single there, like “Skiers vs. Snowboarders,” which is available now for whatever price you want to pay.

You can also find my stuff on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.



My preferred streaming service is Spotify. I definitely encourage you to follow me and add all my songs to your favorite playlists 😉


I’ve also got a few songs on YouTube, like “Shadows in the Neon Rain, which is up on NRW’s website and is close to reaching 500,000 streams!








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