Echosynthetic’s Producer of the Year Award


So I woke up to a wonderful piece of news today: synth blog Echosynthetic awarded me the John Fryer Producer of the Year Award!

Your first questions may be “who’s John Fryer, and why is this award named for him?” Fryer is a founding member of goth/dreampop collective This Mortal Coil, as well as a famous producer. He’s worked with an incredible number of synth-based artists I hold near and dear, including Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Clan of Xymox, Wire and Nine Inch Nails.

In Echosynthetic’s words:

What better way to frame this award than by naming it after one of the all time great record producers, John Fryer. His work in the studio has touched just about every single person who enjoys synthpop, EBM, new wave, or industrial music, whether you know it or not.

So winning an award named after Fryer is an incredible honor in and of itself. But Echosynthetic also had this to say about my work as producer and mastering engineer in 2017:

As I was sitting down to make a short-list of nominees for Producer of the Year, one name kept popping up on some of the best releases of the year. Not just quality records…no, I mean records that helped define synthwave in 2017.

Most creative types tend to be endlessly self-critical, and I’m no exception. Somewhere, deep down, you always doubt whether your stuff is good enough. Knowing that people connect with the work I do never ceases to amaze me, and could never get old. I’m incredibly grateful to Echosynthetic for this honor, as well as to all my mastering clients for believing in me and letting me work on their amazing music. And last but not least, a big thank you to all the people who have bought, streamed or otherwise supported my music over the past two years. I owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude.





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